Important news:

Senior Exam Information

Information for Senior Exams can be found here. The most up-to-date information will be posted on Student Hub, in the Daily Bulletin, at the Student Office and on the Main Noticeboard outside the Library.

School Closed on Monday 26 September for Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day

Please note that 26th September 2022 has been made a public holiday to commemorate the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the school will be closed. We will continue to have Distance Learning the following Tuesday 27th September

Distance Learning on Tuesdays

This year we won’t be rostering year levels home, but using Tuesday as an independent learning day across the school. This is a great opportunity for students to consolidate their learning, complete work set on Google Classroom and revise. Tuesday was selected because of two reasons:

  1. Late start already established
  2. Staff being able to communicate with students of what needs to be completed on Monday

If your child is in Year 9 and or Year 10 and is unable to be at home, we will have available a space for students to work independently in. School canteen will not be available on this day, and they will be expected to be in school uniform. Buses will not run on independent learning days. Please contact the school if your child will be attending school on Tuesdays.

Distance Learning on Tuesdays will be continuing throughout Term 4 on Tuesday unless otherwise advised, we will keep you updated.

For more information about Distance Learning on Tuesdays, click here.

Uniform Updates

In 2023 Year 13 students will continue to wear Senior uniform. The school will provide a free Year 13 sweatshirt that will only be for Year 13 students. Details will be sent out next term. This will give us an opportunity to review the entire school uniform from Year 9 to Year 13, along with a review of the school logo. We are hoping to ensure the uniform is modern, gender neutral and reflects Pride and Loyalty.

Next term a questionnaire will be sent to families for feedback and ideas. Starting 2024 with a new look for Rosehill College.

Flyover tour of Rosehill College:

Rosehill College School App:

We have launched our Rosehill College School App. You can use the app to keep up to date with the latest news, easily contact us and access the Parent Portal.

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