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Information update 15th October 2021

School will not re-open for onsite learning on Monday 18 October, although Term 4 will begin on that day with distance learning. Students in Years 9 and 10 for whom alternative arrangements cannot be made, are permitted to be at school and will be supervised to continue with their distance learning programme.

The programme for the first week of Term 4:

  • Monday – Timetable Day 1; Initial work to be posted on Google Classrooms by 10am .
  • Compulsory Tutor Hui at 11:30 on Google Meet (No Subject Google Meets on Monday)
  • Tuesday to Thursday – regular classes resume (No Google Meets period 1)
  • Work to be posted at scheduled class times
  • Manaakitanga Friday – No scheduled classes

Practice exams for seniors will not take place as they were scheduled to happen at the end of the first week of term. We will endeavour to provide some practice for external exams, but due to the uncertainty of when we will be back in school, such practice will not be in a formal exam format.

The Prime Minister has strongly encouraged students and parents to use this week to get vaccinated and we fully support this. Schools will be required to keep a register of the vaccination status of all our students. It is now mandatory that teachers and support staff in schools are fully vaccinated  from 1 January 2022. Staff and students being vaccinated helps provide protection for all.


Stay safe and stay well.


Current restrictions when School returns under Level 3

Students in Years 9 or 10, and for whom no other arrangements to engage in distance learning can be made, may attend school.

If your child is in this category and you know that they will be attending school during Level 3, please email . Include in your email your child’s name, ID number and year level and how they will get to and from school. School transport will initially operate on the existing timetables. Continuation of the bus services will depend on demand – if no eligible students are using a bus service then it will be discontinued for the remainder of Alert Level 3.

Year 9 and 10 students who do attend school are to be in school uniform and arrive by 8.35am. They are to wait in the Hall to be allocated to a school bubble. Students are to bring their own food and drink requirements for the day and it is strongly recommended that they wear a mask. 

Students are to bring their devices as they will be following the same distance learning programme as they are doing from home. They will be supervised but not taught separate subjects.

In Alert Level 3, we have sought permission to hold some workshops in practical subjects at Years 12 and 13, as we did last year. If we are given the required permission, students and teachers will work with one bubble only and times will be arranged to avoid bubbles meeting. Subject teachers will contact students to invite them to a workshop if one is being offered. Places are limited to 10 students per bubble, but that may equate to fewer than 10 from any particular class, hence a response to an invitation is requested. If we are granted permission, an email will be sent to students of Years 12 and 13 and their parents and caregivers.

Students in Years 11-13 are to learn from home.

Any student who is showing any signs of illness, must stay at home. If a student shows any signs of flu-like symptoms while at school, the school Nurses will contact their parent/caregiver to collect them as soon as possible. The school Nurses also have instructions from Counties Manukau DHB to refer the student to their local G.P for a COVID test and must produce a negative test before returning to school.

Face coverings are mandatory.

Fundamental public health measures continue to apply at every alert level:

  • Physical distancing (not touching and not breathing on each other)
  • Hand hygiene
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette


And remember…

Be kind. Stay safe. Stay home. Wear a mask if going out!

Ngā mihi

Sue Blakely


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