Rosehill College Home Zone

Rural Zone Boundaries – All these areas are included in our zone and state where the cut-off point is.

WEST Waiau Beach, Manukau Harbour, Pahurehure Inlet


(West of Motorway) – North Bank of Taihiki River to Glenbrook Rd. – Both sides of Glenbrook Road – cut off Bloomfield Rd – All areas between Glenbrook Rd and Karaka Rd and Manukau Harbour. – Gellert Road, Sim Rd, Bycroft Rd, Woodlyn Rd, Snelgars Rd, Needham Rd, Solataire Rd, Cheriton Lane – Burtt Rd to intersection with Needham Rd – from 155 Burtt Rd onwards – Kingseat Road – 339 and above – Runciman Road to the intersection with Coulston from 377 Runciman Rd onwards –not 368 Runciman Rd. – Tuhimata Rd to the first stream from the Runciman/Tuhimata intersection, includes 479 Tuhimata Rd – Ingram Road, Cnr Gt Sth Rd to Ingram Rd (includes Ingram Rd)


(East of Motorway) – Ararimu Rd to Intersection with Dunn Rd,
includes Dale, Maxted, Fausett, Turner Rds Steel Road – – Ponga Rd to intersection with McEntee Rd (this includes roads off Ponga Rd up to and including McEntee Rd (from
the Opaheke Rd end)

Urban Zone Boundaries

NORTH Manurewa/Takanini Motorway Interchange
WEST Manukau Harbour, Pahurehure Inlet, East of Motorway
SOUTH Main Trunk Railway Line
EAST Main Trunk Railway Line