ValuesOur chosen school values are RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and CARING – under the umbrella understanding of MANAAKITANGA

In 2012 Rosehill College underwent a values consultation with the local community, including students, parents and staff.

The values which appeared most powerful are those described above and as such are a reference point for all our policies and procedures. These values are expected to be employed by staff and students alike, with staff modelling the standards which we wish students to meet.

Our values have been articulated to our community through our Positive Behaviour for Learning committee which was formed in 2012. This committee has staff, BoT, parent and student leader representatives. The committee meets regularly and thereafter reports to students and staff.

Our values are illustrated in every classroom and are used at the beginning of all our major school events such as Principal’s Assemblies. Our recognition system for students is built upon our four values.

Our chosen values have been aligned against the different areas of the school to generate observable, measurable behaviours for each value. The document which describes these contextual behaviours is know as our ‘values matrix’ – an example from this matrix is that keeping the field free from litter is a behaviour of respect in that area.